Congratulations! You’ve just picked up your first guitar, learned your first chords, figured out your first songs… and now you’ve got a broken string.

Perhaps you’ve been playing for years, and finally saved up enough cash for the guitar of your dreams, only to constantly worry about how to take care of it. Where the hell do you buy a humidifier anyway?

Maybe you’re the kind of person who wants to open up hatches and compartments, just to figure out how things work.

If any of these apply, this class is definitely for you.


Next class: Saturday, April 6th 1pm @ IVAKOTA

What You’ll learn

This class is designed for all skill levels— beginners, pros, gear junkies, and complete novices. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Basic maintenance:

    The best way to keep your guitar sounding the way you want is to continually follow up with maintenance. Most of us change strings regularly, but not all of us remember to check or change the preamp battery. We’ll go over the basic techniques to keep your guitar in fighting shape. Tasks include cleaning fretboards, spraying out electric components, tightening and maintaining hardware, and how to monitor humidity.

  • The straightforward Setup

    Dialing in a setup that balances the guitarist’s needs and the instrument’s capabilities is just a matter of knocking every component into adjustment. All of ‘em. We’re going to look at how the the individual components work together in harmony, and how to spot the ones that are out of adjustment. Sometimes it’s as simple as turning a screw.

  • Replace, Repair, & Quick-fixes

    Electronics get noisy, switches stop making contact, strings start to buzz, parts break, and components fail. In short, shit happens. Even the best-maintained guitars can still incur some issues just getting from gig to gig. It’s important for guitarists to know how to diagnose and solve these issues on the fly— it often makes the difference between playing and cancelling the gig. This also helps with learning more about the instrument and its parts, which in turn helps with replacing items as needed, and customizing the guitar. If you’ve ever wanted to change pickups or pots yourself, this is a great place to start.

Sign Up

Admission for this class is a $50 suggested donation, upon signup while availability remains.

The next class will be held at Ivakota, on Saturday, April 6th 2019, from 1pm to 4pm. If you’re interested in attending this class, kindly fill out the fields below.


This class is more of a hands-on lecture with live examples than a repair-along workshop— While we’ll have the chance to take some guitars as “volunteers” from the attendees, it’s going to be tough to complete a full setup on each instrument in-class.