02.16: Homestead, Petworth (Solo)

02.17: Roofers Union, Adams Morgan (Full Band)

02.18: Nanny O'Briens, Cleveland Park (Solo)

02.21: Lost & Found, Blagden Alley (Solo)


03.01: Renaissance Hotel, West End (Solo)

03.03: Kenmore Inn, Fredericksburg (Solo)

03.10: Black Cat

03.11: Roofers Union, Adams Morgan (Full Band)

03.16: Highline, Crystal City (Solo)

03.17: Saint Patrick's Day with Slow Down Tommy @ Nanny O'Briens, Cleveland Park

03.18: Nanny O'Briens, Cleveland Park (Solo)

03.23: An Beal Bocht, the Bronx (Solo)

03.24: Hill Country Barbecue, Penn Quarter (Full Band)

03.29: Highline, Crystal City (Solo)

03.31: Nanny O'Briens, Cleveland Park (Solo)


All music, words, and photos copyright Jonny Grave 2016