by Jonny Grave Quartet 
“These five instrumentals are from everywhere. I keep my ears open, and try to remember what I hear whenever and wherever I travel. Through Beirut, Paris, San Juan, Curitiba, and Clarksdale, I heard the most fabulous music, and smuggled back whatever I could. While these tunes are a testament to perpetual travel, they were honed into shape at countless bar gigs by the skills of working professional musicians. It’s thanks to the hands and minds of Scott, Ben, and Marty that these hazy travelogues turned into music.”

—Jonny Grave 

“IMPALA” is an EP of five original instrumental songs recorded live in front of an audience on January 19th, 2019 at Hill Country Barbecue, in Penn Quarter, Washington DC. The show’s audio, engineered and mixed live, was re-mixed for release, and lovingly remastered for high fidelity stereophonic sound entirely by Anthony Fowler.


Jonny Grave: Guitar 
Scott Schoem: Keys 
Benjamin Rikhoff: Bass 
Martin Risemberg: Drums 
All songs written by Jonny Grave 
All songs arranged by Jonny Grave, Scott Schoem, Benjamin Rikhoff, and Martin Risemberg 
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Anthony Fowler 
Produced by Jonny Grave and Anthony Fowler