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Jonny Grave keeps busy. He played 189 gigs in 2017. From mainstage appearances at Kingman Island Bluegrass Festival (DC), Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage (DC), The Southern (VA), Blue Canoe (MS), and Hill Country Barbecue (NY), to the dozens of house concerts all over the United States and UK through Sofar Sounds, he has made slide guitar his livelihood, just as he has done since he was a teenager.

The new eponymous release from Jonny Grave is a 36-minute, 8-track, stereophonic album of entirely full-band, and entirely original material, written and arranged between January and May 2017, recorded by Ben Green and Aaron Mason at IVAKOTA (DC), tracked mostly live, and mostly in one day. The album was mastered by Mark Peteritas at Working Man Productions (PA). Artwork and visual layout was completed by Nicholas Karlin, staff photographer for Brightest Young Things.

"Fever," the first single from the new album, features a music video shot in the band's rehearsal space, in the third sub-basement of The Apollo Building. The video was shot by Casey McAdams, staff videographer and content-creator for "Sliding Delta," the single's B-side, was recorded by Professor of Audio Engineering, Rogério Naressi at American University.


"The hard-earned grit and sweat of Jonny Grave’s down-home blues stylings both reflect brightly and soak through his wildest release to date."

--Anthony Porrecco, Host/Creator, Hometown Sounds

"...["By & By"] the album closer is about some of the characters Grave might have encountered during his 200 nights a year playing live. It's going from bluesman into E Street Band territory and that might be a good direction. He's already playing marathon shows, shining a light on his band and singing about the working class."

--Brandon Wetherbee, Managing Editor, Brightest Young Things

"It's like blues, fo-fi, and slide guitar got together, and their love child, Jonny Grave, has been sent from above to steal your heart and serenade your very soul."

--Brian Nelson-Palmer, Host, WERA 96.7FM

"The howling, sweat-dripping-off-the strings, stomp of 'Fever' reveals the Mississipi-mud soaked heart of Jonny Grave at his purest. Grave isn’t so much playing the blues as he is channeling the dusty, backroad truths of one of America’s greatest legacies."

--Kevin Hill, Host/Creator, Chunky Glasses

"Grave's vocals and slide guitar shine... Listen if you're feeling melancholy, wild, or if you just want a reminder that blues is alive and well in the District."

--Katie Bowles, Contributor, DC Music Download